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Game of Thrones: A Romantic Comedy

If ´Game of  Thrones´ was a romantic comedy this is how its trailer would look like.


Trololo Guy on Family Guy

While Family Guy made a great tribute to late Eduard Khil, a guy who is inspiration for all of us trolls out there, I can only say RIP Trololo Guy.

David Attenborough Narrates Tortoise Humping a Shoe

Awesome. Just awesome.

Doctor Who: ˝The First Question˝ 50th Anniversary Teasers

“Doctor, Who? Doctor, Who? DOC-TOR WHO?!!”  Will we finally find the answer? Seriously, I doubt it but I am REALLY looking forward to the  50th Anniversary because I am sure it will be spectacular.

All teasers are fan made but they still look really great.

Doctor Who vs. Sherlock

Considering that this video has been tweeted by the very Steven Moffat, I guess that the role of Benedict Cumberbatch as a Master is not so longer under big question (or is it? ). I REALLY hope that we´ll see  Cumberbatch in 50th anniversary Doctor Who but it is well known that Moffat likes to mess with the fans so who knows. (Fingers crossed.)




Game of Thrones Meets The Goonies

It was only matter of time when will something like this show up…. and may I say…..this is hilarious!

The Walking Dead Mashup

How would Walking Dead look if it was 80´s sitcom like Growing Pains? Well, check it for yourself… I think it is pretty awesome.

The Doctor Who Musical Experience

Miss Doctor Who yet? Check this awesome video and enjoy!

Supernatural Fan Art

Super Winchester Brothers

I don´t know about you but I became a big fan of TV show Supernatural and today I found this amazing piece of fan art/ mash-up.


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