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Murmurs Of Middle-Earth (LOTR Remix)

Another great remix from Pogo who´s also done a Pulp Fiction remix. I can´t describe how beautiful this is.


Lead Breakfast (‘Pulp Fiction’ Remix)

An artist named Pogo made an awesome remix consisting of beats, lines and sounds from Pulp Fiction… The best thing I saw these days.

Gramatik – “Solidified”

Bokeh silhouette music video.

Le Peuple de l’Herbe – Parler le fracas

Enjoy this amazing animated music video.

Primus- Lee Van Cleef

Zombies and cowboys….do you need anything else?

Beats Antique – Cat Skillz

Cats with superpowers…Meow!

Ingrid Michaelson – Blood Brothers

Woodkid – Run Boy Run

Amazing new video from Woodkid. Enjoy!

Pure Funk

In a nation where music has been outlawed by an oppressive dictatorship, a DJ rises up to stir the people into rebellion and regain their freedom.

by  Marc Adamson

Song Of The Day

Few days ago I found this new B-side single from Kasabian on You Tube and since than I can´t get it out of my head. Consider yourself warned ;).


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