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Star Trek Crew Watching Star Wars

I never understood those fights about which one is better because I think both are great. And this video is really something worth watching.


Moves Like Jabba

Hilarious parody on Maroon 5`s song Moves Like Jagger starring our favorite Star Wars characters.

CSI: Gallifrey

While a Doctor Who movie may or may not be happening, and I hope it won´t happen, here is something that I would prefer watching rather than this movie to be.

Scumbag Batman Memes

You think Batman is really that great? Think again.

Party Rock- The Sisyphus Way

Remember that song ´Party Rock Anthem´? Well….you may like it, you may hate it but there are finally coming out some good  memes from this song.

Sisyphus Partyin´

Prometheus Partyin´

Chinchilla Going Shopping

The cutest thing I´ve seen today.

LOTR Meets The Office

From The guys who made Dora The Explorer live action, here comes a re-imagined version of the LOTR saga, shot The Office-style.

via: Buzzfeed

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