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Game of Thrones: A Romantic Comedy

If ´Game of  Thrones´ was a romantic comedy this is how its trailer would look like.


Trololo Guy on Family Guy

While Family Guy made a great tribute to late Eduard Khil, a guy who is inspiration for all of us trolls out there, I can only say RIP Trololo Guy.

David Attenborough Narrates Tortoise Humping a Shoe

Awesome. Just awesome.

The Walking Dead Mashup

How would Walking Dead look if it was 80´s sitcom like Growing Pains? Well, check it for yourself… I think it is pretty awesome.

Yo Mama Jokes- Doctor Who Style

Your mama is soooo ugly, Captain Jack took one look at her and said “no”. And thats how time and space collapsed.

Fat Superheroes

Evil Yellow Lemon

Porcupine Eating Corn

Beware…. cuteness overload. I could swear that this porcupine was talking with the cutest cartoonish voice.  I am melting down right now.

Dog Eats With His Hands

Like a boss.


Shark Pool

I hate all those movies like Piranha, Sharktopus etc. and here is one great parody made by that is better than all those movies together.

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