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David Attenborough Narrates Tortoise Humping a Shoe

Awesome. Just awesome.


Le Peuple de l’Herbe – Parler le fracas

Enjoy this amazing animated music video.

Goofy Leopards

The leopards at Big Cat Rescue are definitely some of the funniest cats at the sanctuary! They’re often “break dancing”, playing with enrichment, stalking tour guests and just being goofy! But remember despite how cute and cuddly they may look sometimes, they are still very much WILD and their mood can change very quickly from fun to ferocious!

Beats Antique – Cat Skillz

Cats with superpowers…Meow!

Random Fact


Wild Amazon

The mystery and profound wonders of the South American rain forest and the creatures that inhabit it are uncovered in this unique immersion exhibit at The Dallas World Aquarium.

by  Fabián Aguirre

The Sound Of Rhino

Who would tell that rhinos make so cute sounds…

Animal Portraits by Matt Walford

Photos manipulated with Photoshop. Level-  Imposibru.

Porcupine Eating Corn

Beware…. cuteness overload. I could swear that this porcupine was talking with the cutest cartoonish voice.  I am melting down right now.

Dog Eats With His Hands

Like a boss.


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